Jul 13

Our Webpage history

Cities at Night has recently changed its look, but we wouldn’t be here without our previous webpage.

Do you miss it? You can check it here:

Cities at Night - Old webpage


We are really thankfull to all the people that helped with it. Specially to our translators:

Rafaella Marino (UCM) – Italian

Alexandre Bouquin (UCM) – French and Japanese

Nobuaki Ochi(Toyo Uni) – Japanese

Salvador Ribas (PAM) – Catalan

Olga Borisevich – Russian

Fernando Saldanha – Portuguese

Helga Kuechly (Leibniz-Institute of Freshwater Ecology and Inland Fisheries, Berlin) – German

Victor Tilve R̼a РGallician (USC & Calidade do Ceo Nocturno)

Fernando Jauregui & Karmele – Basque – Planetario de Pamplona

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