Lost at night tutorial

Find the city 

You will find 3 images. The ISS image will be loaded in the left panel, a map on the central one and the VIIRS on the right one. The VIIRS is a nocturnal image taken from that satellite and that’s the best resolution available of night pictures of the Earth so far until we finish our map. The goal is to identify the city showed on the left in the map showed in the centre.


On top of the VIIRS image you will find a circle. The city should be in that area as we know from the metadata of the picture the ISS location when the picture was taken. The map has 3 layers. You can use the 3 of them by clicking the “+” symbol at the top right corner of the map. Over there you will find 3 options: Google satellite, google streets and open street map:



The image can be rotated by pressing shift and clicking the left mouse button.


The images and the map can be zoom in and out clicking in the “+” and the “-” symbols at the top left of each one. I’d say this is New York, let’s dragged the map to the city and zoom in:


Select a point in the image. A red dot will appear and the number of the pixel will appear on the left space of the the coordinates area.


Then select the same point in the map. The coordinates will appear as well at the right. If you make a mistake you can click on “remove selected”

Please select the image Sharpness as well. Finally press Save. If the picture is not a night city click “No photo”. If you cannot find where it belongs click “I don’t know”

If you need it you will find more information about the city by clicking on: “ISS picture data ”

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